About Crisis Point

Crisis Point is a unique opportunity for students in Years 9-12 to develop their diplomacy and negotiation skills, while learning about international relations and global issues.

UN Youth Australia aims to help young people to explore and engage with the most important issues facing our world. Our Crisis Point Summits are one day events held all across Australia that put delegates in the shoes of key stakeholders, proposing solutions and strategies in real time to a variety of global, political and ethical dilemmas.

If you have any questions about the event, please contact Tom at tom.dodsworth@dxtoo.cn

Key Details

Registrations for Crisis Point 2020 have now closed.

Like us on social media or keep an eye on this website to find out when registrations open for Crisis Point 2021!

How Crisis Point Works

Crisis Point is structured around an immersive Interactive Problem Solving (IPS) Activity.

Delegates will be given a briefing about an important issue in our world today, and a simulated crisis scenario centered around this issue. They will then be placed in teams to act as different stakeholders involved in the conflict and given the task of resolving the issue.

In their teams, they will work together to come up with goals and actions for their cabinet. The Crisis Master will reveal the consequences of each decision they make in the simulation, which they will need to respond to as the situation escalates and grows in complexity. Anything can happen in an IPS and the only limit is the delegates’ imaginations.

IPS’s are designed to improve delegates’ critical thinking skills and decision making when dealing with international disputes of the highest order. Among the chaos, delegates can begin to gain a greater understanding of the complexities that global conflicts hold. Crisis Point aims to be accessible to all delegates and no prior knowledge or research is required to participate.

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